bakers man bakers man bake me a cake

Two Dora the Explorer cakes I made for my friends Sheny and Otto’s daughter Lucia’s 2nd Birthday. Never doing this again!


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New Pet!

Today Scott and Daniza brought a male parrot home to live with us. I’m a little scared of him but he seems to be mostly friendly and likes plantains. No name yet, but I’m rooting for Professor Green

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Home, Sweet Home.

Well folks,

I am back in Huehue once again and ready to tackle the new year. I had a wonderful visit home, mostly spending time with my family and my closest friends. I really enjoyed getting to visit The Village’s new Dallas campus and getting some community.

I flew home to Guatemala for very cheap on New Year’s day thanks to my dad’s frequent flyer miles. What a blessing! I arrived home on Sunday in Huehue to find my house mates Scott and Daniza Wiseman home from Christmas traveling and the whole house without water. The water problem was finally resolved today after 4 days and Scott bathing in muddy water and several Guatemalans climbing down our well.

This week I am registering for music school, paying bills for the mission house, trying to get my insurance and taxes and all that other fun stuff taken care of before life gets really busy again. I start school sometime around January 20th (I think, ha ha) and then our first team arrives on January 30th. So, there is little time for puttering around and emails and blogs and bills are calling.

I was talking to Scott yesterday and he was reflecting on how the economic crisis gathered more of us believers towards Christ in 2009 and I just wanted to remind us to depend on the Lord, He has always taken care of us and always will. I know my family in particular can say He is faithful and His mercies are new everyday. With that in mind, let us boldly step into this new year trusting in Him who has called us according to His purpose.

with love, Kailah

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Exciting Times

As this year is drawing to a close and we are preparing to head to the States for the holidays it seems there are a lot of loose ends to tie up. First off, as some of you know I started buying a Toyota pick up truck from Sammy Wilson this summer and am very happy and relieved to say that it will be paid off next month. Praise the Lord for good gifts. As dangerous situations seem to be growing cross country in Guatemala, this truck has been a wonderful blessing. It also keeps me dry in rainy season and makes going to the grocery store way easier.

I don’t want to make a big deal out of this but I want you to know that sometimes being in Huehue can be dangerous for us and we always appreciate your prayers over us. On Tuesday evening about 5:30pm I was walking home from a friend’s house about two blocks from my house I heard a a noise behind me and when I turned to look two men were right behind me on a bicycle. I screamed really loud out of the reaction and one of the men grabbed me and held a pretty large knife up to my face. I threw all of my things on the ground and started crying, the men picked up my purse and took off. Needless to say this was terrifying for me. Thankfully I only had a few dollars worth of Guatemalan money in my purse and sadly my faithful ipod. A family came out of their house and gave me a ride home and later that night two guys found my purse and brought it back. It was empty except for my keys but at least we don’t have to worry about changing the locks. I do feel safe most of the time in Huehue but due in large to the economic crisis in the States and here robbery has grown exponentially. Please pray for our safety and the safety of others here in Guatemala.

In other happier news, I am almost finishing up my first year in music school here. I spent the year studying voice, piano, audio perception, worship ministry, choir and harmony and am getting ready to take my finals on November 13th. It has been such a blessing to be part of this school, I have enjoyed learning so much more about music and worship this year and am really looking forward to next year. I also decided to do some tent-making to bring in a little extra gas money, as american style cookies are difficult to find here, I started about 3 weeks ago making all sorts of cookies and selling them at a friends internet cafe and at my school. So far so good.

Last week I learned what it feels like to be a “mojado” (or illegal immigrant) when I crossed the border illegally into Mexico to buy cheap Dr. Pepper and renew my Guatemala visa. I assure you it was not my intention to go illegally but I had no other choice and was actually threatened with being deported and had to pay a small bribe for my visa renewal.

Well folks, that’s about it for now! I’ll be home from November 24th to sometime at the end of December so give a shout out if you want to see me. Love you all.

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End of Summer..

Johana and I

Johana and I

    So the summer has ended the teams are gone and life has resumed its normal pace. Friday I took my music school midterms 2 were bad and 2 were good, I guess we will see how they really turned out next week. 


   My dear friend and gym partner Liss graduated with her bachelors and masters degree in business on Saturday and Sammy, Linda, and I made the trip to Guatemala City to attend her graduation and celebration dinner. 

     The biggest news ever is that little Johana Zemler is finally in Texas with her family, where she belongs. Praise the Lord! Thank you all for your prayers for the Zemler family. I am so happy for them and yet so sad to see my dear friends go. 

  And finally, I made my first barbie doll birthday cake. Now, Carlos says, I can finally get married. whew!

Liss and I at graduation dinner

Liss and I at graduation dinner

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The quiet after the storm.

    So the teams are gone and I am slowly recovering. I have been sleeping in until at least 8.30 every morning and even 10ish a few days. It is wonderful. I spent the last few days “spring cleaning” the mission house, organizing, donating and throwing out tons of stuff. My ocd is all calmed down now after combining all the half empty bottles of syrup and ketchup (not together of course). 

  Normal life has resumed and I now am supposed to be singing at two different events on August 28 both at 6.30pm. First my music school is having a special devotional at a local church here where they’ve asked me to sing in the choir and then the Zaculeu church is having an anniversary celebration for baptist churches from all over the country and our worship band is leading worship. Hrmmm…..Linda did remind me that I can’t be in two places at once, but what to do? 

   School, by the way, is kicking my butt. Midterms are coming up on September 4th and I am struggling to catch up. Most of my classes are going really well but my Harmony I class is an endless array of facts and tricks and memorization, my brain is not as quick as it used to be. However, it is still as interesting as ever and I am loving it. I thank God so much for this opportunity, I’m thinking of starting piano lessons on the side with one of the teachers from my school. 

  My truck is in the shop this week, something to do with the “pasador” of the pistons. I was quickly reminded of the blessing of transportation. Yesterday I walked to the central park (about 25 min one way) to pay the water bill only to find a note posted on the Municipal building door saying they were closed indefinitely due to lack of personnel. TIG. I bought a spicy snow cone and walked home. Then last night I had a worship practice in Zaculeu from 7-9pm, I took the scooter. Due to the dangerous nature of that neighborhood after dark I left about 15 till nine and rushed home in freezing rain. Oh the joys of rainy season.  Now I’m off to the grocery store and hopefully I will remember that whatever I buy I have to carry home.

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There’s something happening here…


      I am terrible at updates, I recognize this fact and hope you will forgive me. So then, what has been happening here in the last say 6 or 7 weeks? Let’s see…..I went to Port Aransas with the family for a few days then flew off to Portland Oregon to visit Valerie, Laura, see whales and eat really really good sushi.

   I flew into Guatemala City on July 23rd and came straight to Huehue on a really long hellish trip. The Village Church group 2 arrived the same day and I spent several days with them in the capital at Fundaninos playing with kiddos and then we came back to Huehue with the group to help out at Zona Juvenil and Amparo de San Jose. They left on Sunday and the same day a group of nurses, birthing educators and fitness instructors arrived from all over the US to give classes to nursing students in Huehue on pregnancy and postpartum. Very interesting, I at least learned a lot about breastfeeding and fertility calenders.

    I have been back and forth from the capital to Huehue 5 times in the last 3 weeks and I am exhausted. I am looking forward to resting and catching up on school work in the next 5 weeks before another team comes in from The Village. I was asked to sing with a worship band made up from students at my school for an event on August 28th so pray for me as that generally scares the crap out of me. 

 Oh and really big news! Carlos and Mayra are just over 5 months pregnant with their first baby and Maria had a baby on Monday morning, little Jose Pedro is home and healthy!

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