Saying some goodbyes

Hi friends and family,

My sabbatical time is coming to a close and I will be heading back to Huehue on Sunday, April 17th. Some really good things came out of this time and I am thankful for them. I got some rest and got to spend a lot of really quality time with my family and some of my close friends. I was able to go to Jennifer and David Jackett’s wedding in Austin, and even caught the bouquet!
The Lord really used this time to convict me of some relational sins and prejudices that I was holding on to and I was able to forgive and ask for forgiveness in those situations.
However, not everything is roses and sunshine. Through this time I prayed, sought Godly counseling, spent time in the word and read books on how God guides us trying to divine what God wants me to do in the next steps.
Although The Village Church and Greater Things Ministries had told me that to continue with their support I had to move to Guatemala City I just did not see the Lord leading me there. There are several reasons and I am happy to talk to any of you that question my reasons for returning to Huehue, but that is where my heart is telling me to go.
Based on that decision, I have lost the financial and spiritual support of the church and Greater Things Ministries. I am hurt and saddened by this but I know that sometimes it is time to move on and I understand their reasoning.
Upon returning to Huehue, I will be living with the Rivera family in my old neighborhood Minerva. I am going to try to find a job teaching English at least part-time to help supplement my dwindled support income.
As for ministry, I will not be working at the mission house anymore as the missionaries there do not want to go against the churches decision and support my being in Huehue. Therefore, I hope to reinstate and reconcile lost relationships at the Fundacion Salvacion orphanage, work at the local special needs home and get involved with a local church.
Please pray for me, I need lots of prayer and guidance. I understand that I can’t really call myself a missionary anymore but for any of you that are still interested in helping me financially, I would be so grateful. If you have any questions please email me at


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    Melanie Floyd said,

    Dear Kailah,
    I can tell this has not been an easy decision to arrive at. It sounds like you have done the right things in seeking godly counsel, spending time praying and reading the Word seeking clarity & direction. I encourage you to continue in those same activities–as you will continue to need God’s direction (as we all do!)
    We are ALL ministers of the gospel, wherever God places us, whether or not we carry the title ‘missionary.’ So while you are no longer serving as a missionary under the group you went to Guatemala with, you are still an ambassador for Christ. I pray God makes his way clear to you day by day, and that your activities, relationships, work and relaxation, all give him the glory. Love you girl! Melanie

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    Taylor Overstreet said,

    Kailah – I feel for you sister. Don’t know how to explain it, but I admire you for your commitment to what GOD is calling you to do. But this is hard. I will be keeping you in my prayers. Thank you for the encouragement you’ve been in my life!


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