on sabbatical

Hey friends and family, just to let you know The Village Church has asked me to come home on sabbatical for awhile to rest and get refocused on what the Lord has me doing in Guatemala. I’ve been here since Feb. 1st and they’ve asked me to stay for 8 to 10 weeks so, it looks like I’ll be around here until mid-April.
Last year was a really hard year and I lost focus on what God had for me in Huehue. The Village has asked me to move to Guatemala City upon my return to Guatemala to work with Casa de Libertad, a church in GC and the orphanage Fundaninos. I still feel that the Lord has called me to Huehue and so during this time I am trying to seek where the Lord wants me and what he wants me to do. I really have felt that He was calling me to work on reconciliation in Huehue with Fundacion Salvacion, an orphanage where we worked in the past and to be more involved with the minsitry that Linda Devault and Lynnann Murphy are doing with the mission house, Primer Amor. Working with kids and teams has always been a passion of mine and I’m really missing being involved in what they’re doing right now while I’m in the states.
Please pray for me and what decision to make, if I stay in Huehue I would have to raise all my support again from scratch and while I know the Lord always provides for us it is still a daunting task after four years of not having to do that.
If you’ve got any questions about what I’m up to or just want to say hi please email me at kailah@strandconcrete.com or kahlua28@juno.com. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks so much for the support and prayers over the years.


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    Peter said,

    Great picture, super talented lady, with untapped potential. Use this time to relax, refocus and seek The Lord’s place for you in HIS wonderful plan. Guatemala is in your blood so your gifts and abilities should be used in whereever He leads. Listen to His voice as you read the scriptures and pour out your heart to Him. Blessings on you and I will be praying for you until you come through the clouds and you can clearly see what he wants for your life……Peter/Pedro

  2. 2

    kailahgrace said,

    Thanks Peter!

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